Training seminar on “Dublin III, two years on. Asylum seekers and refugees in the EU and beyond”

Two years into the endorsement of the “Dublin III regulation”, international protection provided by the EU to the increasing number of asylum seekers fleeing their countries is being challenged. Efficacy of these norms and policies is under scrutiny, as well as the complex relationship between the EU and its member states when it comes to concrete implementation. Is Dublin III meeting human rights concerns emerging from the migration crisis? What are the dilemmas faced by European lawyers and legal practitioners when it comes to everyday application of EU and – more broadly - international legal standards on asylum? How ready are EU member states to adequately receive individuals and families transferred from one state to the other under the Dublin regime? Are the remedies set forth to prevent abuses accessible and effective?

Asylum seekers and refugees


The training programme shall provide lawyers and professionals involved in the implementation of asylum and refugee policies, with tools for better understanding and use of the relevant international and European legal instruments. The seminar will guide its participants through a critical assessment of the ability of such instruments to protect human rights of asylum seekers and refugees, as well as to harmonize states’ practice. Reference to specific national and European case-law will be made so to examine concrete application of the existing legal framework to national contexts, and allow a comparative analysis of experiences and challenges.

Asylum seekers and refugees


The objective of the training seminar is to:
- Provide participants with an overview of the common European asylum system and of the existing international human rights instruments setting universal principles on asylum, refugee status, migration
- Allow a comparative analysis of this normative system
- Create a forum for exchange of best practices
- Foster cross-border judicial cooperation and networking among legal practitioners from countries involved in the implementation of the EU norms

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The training seminars will take place from 19 to 21 June 2015 at the EIUC seat on Venice-Lido.

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Target participants are legal practitioners (lawyers, judges, legal scholars, legal experts working for NGOs, etc.) from Europe and beyond.

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Last update
This seminar has been postponed. New dates will be announced in due time.
The training seminar has been recognized 15 credits by the Venetian Lawyers’ Association (Ordine degli Avvocati di Venezia - OAV)!
The Association of the Italian Criminal Chambers and the Criminal Law Association of Venice confirmed granting of patronage to this training seminar
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