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The EIUC is a member of the Association of Human Rights Institutes (AHRI) and participates in different international research projects. Besides its “Diplomatic Conferences”, it regularly organises high level conferences, seminars and workshops on the latest scientific and academics developments. The Venice Academy of Human Rights which hosts distinguished experts aims at enhancing critical and useful research, innovation and exchange of current knowledge. EIUC acts also as think-tank for the European Parliament by publishing various studies. Moreover it has its own series in the Cambridge University Press titled “EIUC Studies on Human Rights and Democratisation”.

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Venice Academy of Human Rights

A forum for emerging ideas for researchers, academics and professionals.

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EIUC Library

The EIUC library is open to students and academics.

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EIUC has developed into a regular advisor to the European Parliament on human rights issues.

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New projects, initatives, partnerships.

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