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The Human Rights Village (HRV) aims at becoming a Centre of excellence in the world for an holistic model of teaching, training, research, advocacy, democratisation, peace, justice, democracy, sustainable development as well as other interrelated issues.
Managed by EIUC, the HRV centres on the Monastery of San Nicolò and extends into its surroundings such as, once it will be available, the Caserma Pepe.

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Human Rights Village

The Human Rights Village is a joint effort by EIUC, the City of Venice and other partners to develop the already existing EIUC activities in San Nicolò with the aim of creating a unique global platform for human rights events.


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The venue of EIUC is the graceful Benedictine Monastery of San Nicolò founded in the 11th century and transformed into a Renaissance cloister in the 16th century.

Discover its history

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Practical Information

The Monastery of San Nicolò is situated on the laguna side of the Lido di Venezia.

How to reach EIUC - Human Rights Village

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Handy maps for orienting yourself and easily find your way to the classrooms, library, canteen, reception, etc.


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Exhibition Area

The historical setting of the Monastery of San Nicolò provides the natural atmosphere to appreciate the potential of the arts as vehicle for Human Rights awareness.

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Useful Information

Some useful phone numbers, links and information on extra curricular activities

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Virtual Tour

Have a look across the surroundings the cloister and the corridors of the Monastery (soon online).


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Life on the campus

Which facilities are available on the campus?

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