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Combining intensive training with great setting and fruitful discussions with amazing people!


A place where people with the most diverse professional and cultural background can come and work together on creating a better world


It was a great experience to have both practical and theoretical experience. It was awesome to meet different cultures and to exchange ideas


Most international and interesting group of people I have ever met on such an occasion


Lots of useful information and great networking opportunities: all in a very inspiring place


Very professional approach, well targeted topics, interactive classes allowing expression of different views


The Venice School of Human Rights is a great experience: studying human rights, having great lecturers, enjoying Venice, great food and meeting great people from all over the world in just 10 days!


We had such good lecturers and the staff supported us for everything


The Venice School offers an attractive setting with talented participants and instructors for dynamic evaluation of the application of human rights


Very well organized course with high-level speakers


The Venice School is a great place to come and develop a deep and specialized understanding of global rights


An excellent opportunity to get up-to-date knowledge and discuss current hot topics, as well as networking with experts with diverse backgrounds


Great experience, cool place, lovely Venice and…amazing staff!!


Comfortable, comprehensive training with professional trainers


Interesting and useful lecturers, lots of food, good organization and beautiful place


Great networking opportunity! I’ve met wonderful people with inspiring backgrounds who helped me to decide regarding my future


An International atmosphere for Human Rights


Highly recommended


Unforgettable experience in a very beautiful place. It gave me motivation and a more clear picture of what my future of working in the human rights field might look like. There is still a lot to be done in this area and meeting other people working or studying in this field really helps."


I was more into corporate law when I first enrolled here, two days later I was applying to different Universities to change my specialization to an LLM in Human Rights Law! So it really was life-changing for me.


Very strong methodics and education, great teachers, helpful staff, large library (I mean, a lot of specific scientific books)… The best one.


The place where human rights live.


The Venice School is a place where you can not only study fruitfully, but also share opinions with your foreign colleagues.


Great experience! A possibility to get different meanings of human rights and have a nice time.


The Venice School provides a good opportunity to meet students from a variety of disciplines from around the world.


Very interesting and useful lectures of professors from different countries and Universities. I liked this programme and want to thank professors for all gained knowledge.


A good opportunity to dive into a specific human rights theme and a chance to exchange experiences with people from different backgrounds. A place where academics, professionals and students can meet and share their opinions and experiences.


Venice School is one of the best opportunity to improve your knowledge, to meet important professors and to exchange ideas and experiences with people from all over the world.


It’s a great place to receive valuable information, to communicate with high-level experts and with professionals staff. Thank you!


It’s a very nice school with kindly and friendly staff, very nice professionals, good library, situated in quite a beautiful place.


EIUC was a great achievement in my life!


A deep and intensive insight in the field of human rights in an international environment.


An inspiring course in a perfect setting.


A great experience, well worth it.


Very nice place with good learning environment. It’s an asset of EIUC to bring varied experiences and expertise from the world and give students the opportunities of broader perspective and a critical analysis of the subject matters.


Lovely place, great team of professionals and many new people from all over the world!


High knowledge, interesting lectures and a good way of meeting people from around the world fighting for human rights.


One of the most amazing experiences of my life!


The place where different nationalities meet and discover that we have got the same rights.


The place where you can receive good and valuable advices for the future development. The place where you start again to look at the processes around you from a new perspective.


Easy to come, hard to forget.


Venice School has contributed much to my overall understanding on international human rights mechanisms and international courts. The international ambient and the fascinating Monastery setting was impressive.


A great place to learn, a lot of new information on particular subjects, on a wonderful island and collegues from different parts of the world experienced in various fields. Just great!!!


Interesting lessons, professional speakers, pleasant time after classes - all these in a beautiful island, and this is the Venice School!


Relaxing studies in Venice and reaping knowledge at home


The Venice School is a good place to meet people from different cultural background and broaden perspectives on the subject chosen


A very interesting initiative. A Summer School of good quality, featuring really interesting speakers


The Venice School gave me what I expected. A focus on the topic of my interest. It definitively met my expectations!


Very good experience, very nice people. I was very lucky to participate


The Venice School is a great institution providing excellent education


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