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EIUC avails itself of a wide range of experts who have trained in the past five years more than 150 future international electoral observers. In addition, we have included among the pool of experts, presentation from representatives of Ministry of Foreign Affairs who have given their patronage to the training courses.    

Training Responsible

Demetrio LazagnaDemetrio Lazagna

Extensive experience in international relations particularly focused on electoral Technical Assistance and Electoral Observation worldwide.

After his Civil Service as Legal Assistant in an Immigration Center (91-93) and following his Master Degree in Social Anthropology at the University of Genova, he has coordinated development programs in Bosnia Herzegovina (1997-1999) and emergency relief projects in Albania.

He has supervised elections and provided technical assistance for the OSCE, IFES and EU in Kosovo, South Sudan, Libya and Cambodia by providing coaching to the Electoral Management Bodies, to the local political parties and the local NGOs in caring on civic and voter education programs. He was Head of the OSCE Antifraud Unit during the 2004 general Assembly election.

On behalf of the EU he has observed several electoral cycles in Africa, Asia, Central and South America covering different position and roles, as an Observer and as member of the Core Team.


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