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Participants' Voices

Professionally prepared and enjoyable training.


The course is well organised, with very useful content and good approach to the situations to be found on mission.


The seminar is a helpful tool to have the necessary knowledge for EOM.


It was very beneficial, covering the most important issues from different perspective.


It involves and aggregate people.


A strong training developed by professionals targeted to practice EO


Very helpful and inspiring.




Useful introduction on issues and challenges of observation.


Informative class taught through multiple perspectives.


Practical, insightful, up-to-date preparation extremely helpful for any aspiring STO or LTO.


Instructive and constructive.


The seminar was really interesting and helpful to understand the "International Electoral Observation" world.


Both expectations I had, personal and professional, were fully satisfied.


Theory and practice were well balanced.


The training was very straightforward and easy to understand.


It provided relevant information both related to applying for positions in EOM and on the functioning of EOM.


It provided me with great contacts.


It gave a good overview of the internal standards, main themes and challenges in observation.


It was a great preparation for the field, very practical, insightful, giving tools on how to operate from the very beginning.


The course was very well built and nicely focused


Informative course which provides background and practical information


Practical and useful introduction into the field of electoral observation


Comprehensive and interesting. Trainers are great and approachable, very useful tips and information


Insightful, motivating, encouraging, inspiring


This course will give you practical info about what it means to be an EO


A great introduction as pre-field experience


Intercultural environment and high professionalism of the trainers


A wonderful taste of international work in the field


I found it very interesting because of the worldwide comparison in this field


It has been a great occasion to improve my knowledge of STOs and have a more specific training on it


Good introduction for IEO missions


Highly skilled professionals try to prepare for what is (hopefully) coming up


Interesting, useful and a great opportunity to exchange experiences with different people from all over the world


A very effective seminar as well as friendly teachers and management staff


I would do it again and will recommend people to do it!
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