E.MA Directors

Prof. Vital Moreira

tl_files/EIUC MEDIA/EMA/Directors/uni_morei.jpgName and Title: Professor Vital Moreira

Position: E.MA National Director

Postal Address: Faculty of Law, University of Coimbra, 3004 – 545 Coimbra, Portugal

Phone: 00351 (0) 966 389 278

Email: vital.moreira@ci.uc.pt


PhD in Law by the University of Coimbra. Lecturer at the same University since 1968. Former member of the Portuguese constitutional court (1983-1989). Former member of the Venice commission (1998-2003).

Research Expertise and Interests

Constitutional law; human rights; constitutional law of the European Union; democracy and political rights; welfare state and ESC rights; professional regulation and self-regulation.


Political Science, Constitutional Law, Human Rights, Administrative Law and Regulation on undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Chairman of the Research Centre of Public Law and Regulation at the Law School and director of a postgraduate course on Public Regulation and Competition, and Deputy Chairman of Ius Gentium Conimbrigae of the same Law School and director of the Human Rights Centre, as well as of the postgraduate Course in Human Rights.

Key Publications

Author of several books and articles on Constitutional Law and Administrative Law and other topics, including Economia e Constituição [The Economy and the Constitution] (Coimbra, 1974), Direito de Resposta na Comunicação Social [The Right of Reply on the Media] (Coimbra, 1994), Auto-regulação Profissional e Administração Pública [Professional Self-Regulation and Public Administration] (Coimbra, 1997), Autoridades Reguladoras Independentes [Independent Regulatory Authorities] (Coimbra, 2003), Constituição da República Portuguesa Anotada [Commentary to the Portuguese Constitution], (two volumes, 4th edition, 2008-2010), Nós Europeus [We Europeans], Lisbon, 2009.

Non-academic affiliations

Former member of the Portuguese Constituent Assembly (1975-1976) and the Portuguese Parliament (1976-1982; 1996-1997).

Current member of the European Parliament, elected in 2009. Chairman of the International Trade Committee (INTA).

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