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Prof. Maria Patakyova

tl_files/EIUC MEDIA/EMA/Directors/uni_pata.jpgName and Title: Professor JUDr. Maria Patakyová, PhD.

Position: Vice-Rector and Professor of Commercial Law

Postal Address: Comenius University in Bratislava, Šafárikovo nám. 6, P. O. Box 313,
810 00 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Phone: 00521 (0) 2 592 44 427

Email: maria.patakyova@flaw.uniba.sk


Professor Patakyova graduated from Comenius University in Bratislava in 1985. Since 2010, she has been a University Professor of Commercial and Financial Law. She belongs to the most reputable academic personalities publishing in the field of commercial law in Slovakia. She is a member of experts’ group for European Model Company Act (EMCA) on behalf of Slovakia. She participated in various educational programs and study stays, e.g. Cambridge Diploma in English and European Law (2004-2006), European University Institute, Florence, Italy, Legal Clinics at ABA/CEELI, USA, University of Athens, Greece, Economic University of Vienna (Institute FOWI).

Research Expertise and Interests:

Her research interests lie primarily in the field of commercial law. She is currently researching on various themes of corporate governance, including the human rights and shareholders right to own property.Other more private passions include music and literature.


Professor Patakyova is teaching commercial law on undergraduate and postgraduate levels at the Faculty of Law, CU in Bratislava.

Key Publications:

2010; Patakyová, M. et al.: Commercial Code – Commentary – 3. edition. – Prague : C. H. Beck, 2010. – 1199 pages

2010; Žitnanská, Lucia – Ovecková, Olga – Patakyová, Mária et al.: Basics of the Commercial Law 1. – Bratislava : Iura Edition, 2009. – 682 pages. – (school-book)

2007;Doralt, Peter – Mašurová, Angelika – Patakyová, Mária: Einführung in das slowakische Aktienrecht Teil 2, In: FOWI. – Wien : Wirtschafts Universität Wien, 2007. – S. [1-44]

Non-academic affiliations:

Member of Slovak Chamber of Attorneys

Arbitrator of the Slovak Banking Association Arbitration Court