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Prof. Lauri Malksoo

tl_files/EIUC MEDIA/EMA/Directors/uni_malk.jpgName and Title: Professor Lauri Mälksoo

Position: Director of the Institute of Constitutional and European Law

Postal Address: Faculty of Law of the University of Tartu, Näituse 20, 50409 Tartu, Estonia

Phone: +372 737 5390

Email: lauri.malksoo@ut.ee


Lauri Mälksoo studied law and specialized in international law at the University of Tartu (LL.B. 1998), Georgetown (LL.M. 1999) and Humboldt University Berlin (PhD 2002). He also held postdocs positions at New York University School of Law (2004-2005) and Tokyo University (2006-2007). Professor of international law at the University of Tartu since 2009, he was elected director of the new Institute of Constitutional and International Law at the faculty in 2010. He has published widely on the history and theory of international law and Russian approaches to international law. Since 2009, his work has been supported by a grant awarded by the European Research Council to study the contemporary Russian understanding of international law and human rights. Since 2008, he has been member of the executive board of the European Society of International Law and was the organizer of ESIL’s 4th Research Forum that took place in May 2011 in Tallinn, Estonia (see www.uttv.ee, inserting keyword ‘ESIL’ for its video recordings). He is the program director of Martens Summer School of International Law at the University of Tartu and is the Law Faculty’s representative in the university’s interdisciplinary CEURUS (Centre for EU-Russia Studies).

Research Expertise and Interests

His research interests lie primarily in the field of history and theory of international law (including human rights law) and comparative international law (especially the concept of international law and human rights in Russia and Asia).


Professor Mälksoo is teaching both in English and Estonian on undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the following areas: International Law, History and Theory of International Law, Transitional Justice, International Law and Human Rights in Russia. He is supervising research on various topics of international law and human rights, being especially interested in theoretical and comparative empirical studies.

Key Publications

2012; ”Russia-Europe”, in: B. Fassbender, A. Peters, S. Peter, Handbook of the History of International Law, Oxford University Press.

2011; ”Continuity of Change in the Russian Federation’s Human Rights Policies in the Fight against Terror”, in: A. Mihr, M. Goodhart (eds) Human Rights in the 21st Century. Continuity and Change since 9/11, Palgrave Macmillan 2011, pp. 86-104.

2008: “The History of International Legal Theory in Russia: a Civilizational Dialogue with Europe”, 19 European Journal of International Law 2008, pp. 211-232.

Non-academic affiliations

Professor Mälksoo is member of Estonian Students’ Society, the oldest Estonian student organization.

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