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Prof. Jean-Paul Lehners

tl_files/EIUC MEDIA/EMA/Directors/luxembourg.jpgName and Title: Professor Jean-Paul Lehners

Position: Professor of History, Chairholder of the UNESCO Chair in Human Rights

Postal Address:  Université du Luxembourg,
Campus Walferdange, BP 2, L -7201 Walferdange

Phone: +352 46 66446210



Jean-Paul Lehners received his PhD from the University of Vienna in 1973. He held a research position at the Institute of Social and Economic History at that university before returning to Luxembourg, where he taught history on the secondary level and gave lectures at the Universities of Trier and Saarbrücken. Since 1984, he has been teaching history at the Centre Universitaire in Luxembourg, and then, from 2003 onwards, at the University of Luxembourg, where he was appointed first vice-rector from 2003-2007. 

Research Expertise and Interests

Jean-Paul Lehners’ research interests include global history and the history of human rights. He is also co-chairing a research project on democratisation and participation in Luxembourg compared to other regions in Europe from the 19th century until today.


Professor Lehners is teaching on undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the following areas: early modern history of Europe, global history, human rights in history, history of older persons, history of dying, death and mourning, analytic demography.

Key Publications

Lehners, Jean-Paul/ Rossler, Fabienne (2009): Luxembourg: Content without reference? In: Jaichand, Vinodh/ Suksi, Markku (eds.): 60 Years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Europe, Intersentia, p. 73-84.

Lehners, Jean-Paul (2009): Gleich, aber doch verschieden? Ein Beitrag zur Frage der Frauenrechte am Ende des 18. Jahrhunderts am Beispiel Olympe de Gouges. In: Zeitschrift für Menschenrechte, 2009 (1), p. 89-106.

Lehners, Jean-Paul (2011): Human Rights Aspects in International Scientific Cooperation. In: Nova Acta Leopoldina, 387, p. 47-50.

Lehners, Jean-Paul/ Hausberger, Bernd (eds.) (2011): Die Welt im 18. Jahrhundert. Globalgeschichte – Die Welt 1000-2000, Mandelbaum.

Non-academic affiliations

Jean-Paul Lehners is President of the Consultative Commission on Human Rights in Luxembourg. Moreover, from 1998 to 2009, he was President of the Luxembourg-based association for palliative care OMEGA90.

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