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Prof. Dainius Zalimas

tl_files/EIUC MEDIA/EMA/Directors/uni_zali.jpgName and Title: Professor Dainius Žalimas

Position: Head of the Institute of International and European Union Law

Postal Address: Institute of International Law and the European Union Law, Faculty of Law, Vilnius University, Sauletekio av. 9, I building, LT-10222, Vilnius, Lithuania

Phone: 00370 5 268 7001 / 236 6175

Email: dainius.zalimas@tf.vu.lt


Dainius Žalimas received his PhD from Vilnius University in 2001, following the degree of Law professor in 2011. Since 1996, he held teaching positions at Vilnius University.

Research Expertise and Interests

His research interests lie primarily in the field of public international law, diplomatic and consular law, law of international organizations, human rights law and international humanitarian law.


Professor Žalimas is teaching on undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the following areas: Public International Law, Law of International Organisations, Diplomatic and Consular Law, NATO and Its Legal Framework, International Conflicts and International Law.

Key Publications

2001; Žalimas D., Žaltauskaite – Žalimiene S., Petrauskas Z., Saladžius J. “International Organizations”, Vilnius, Justitia (in Lithuanian)

2003; Petrauskas Z., Žalimas D., Žaltauskaite – Žalimiene S. “Diplomatic Law”, Vilnius, TIC (in Lithuanian)

2005; “International Legal Grounds and Consequences of the 11 March 1990 Restoration of the Independence of the Republic of Lithuania”, Vilnius (in Lithuanian)

2008; “The need for equal treatment of Nazi and Soviet crimes; in  Reports and proceedings of the 8 April European public hearing on „Crimes committed by totalitarian regimes“, organised by the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union (January – June 2008) and the European Commision, pp. 81-84

2011; “Crimes Committed by the Communist Totalitarian Regimes from the Standpoint of International Legislation: Lithuanian Case Study” in International Conference “Crimes of the Communist Regimes: an Assessment by Historians and Legal Experts” (Proceedings) (Prague, 24-26 February 2010); Prague: Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes, pp. 43-81.

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