Irene Milleiro Diaz

Irene Milleiro Diaz (E.MA graduate 1999/2000)
Irene Milleiro Diaz (E.MA graduate 1999/2000)

Irene Milleiro Diaz (E.MA graduate 1999/2000)
Campaigns Director,, Spain

When I finished my Law studies, I was crazy about pursuing a career related to Human Rights. The E.MA was the best thing that could happen to me: a group of people who shared my concerns about the world, who wanted to change things for the better and who provided, with their different professional and personal backgrounds, creative and new perspective that enriched so much my own one.

I was able to meet a great mix of academics and practitioners from all over the world, and some of the best experts on each field. Apart from allowing me to make great friends, that I still keep, the E.MA opened the door for me to work on the international human rights arena: it gave me fantastic credentials when I applied to jobs in that field.

Immediately after the E.MA I was able to learn a lot about torture victims on an internship with the IRCT and later on continue human rights work with the Human Rights Unit of the European Commission.