E.MAlumni Association

tl_files/EIUC MEDIA/News Files/emalumni_tondo.jpgThe E.MAlumni Association gathers the graduates of the European Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation (E.MA) and is an international, non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation.

The Association pursues the following objectives:

  • The promotion of human rights and democracy in Europe and in the world;
  • The strengthening of civil society, networking and cooperation;
  • The establishment of a durable dialogue and increase interaction among E.MAlumni (at a professional and informal level);
  • The enhancement of E.MAlumni’s professional expertise and capacity;
  • The strengthening of the link with E.MA and EIUC and support to EIUC activities.

E.MAlumni have always been valuable ambassadors of E.MA around the world. A significant step forward on the development of the Association was achieved through joint efforts of a group of E.MA graduates/alumni and the European Commission culminating in a meeting organised in Brussels on 25 May 2010. This inaugural meeting led to the election of the first E.MAlumni Board that soon established a plan of action.

Both the E.MAlumni Association and EIUC benefit from regular dialogue and reciprocal support whose main achievements so far have been the E.MAlumni Career Service for E.MA students, launched in 2010 and the E.MA Career Day. Over these four years of implementation, the E.MA Career Day demostrates to be a fruitful project of the Association for its capacity to respond to the needs of current E.MA students.

The website of the Association http://www.emalumniassociation.org/ is open to everyone interested in a unique forum on Human Rights and Democratisation and is enriched by several tools for the networking and cooperation among the graduates of the E.MA.

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