One of the key features of EMA is the impressive range of high-level academics, experts and officials from a variety of institutions and organisations who teach in the programme, provide thesis supervision, and share with students their insights into human rights practice and challenges.

First Semester

About 70 academics from the participating universities and experts from international IGOs and NGOs contribute to the EMA teaching programme.

Second Semester

In their second semester destinations, students are supervised and supported by the EMA National Directors and other faculty members of the 41 participating universities. Here is the list of EMA Universities and Directors.

EMA and EIUC Management

Prof. Ria Wolleswinkel, EMA Chairperson since 2013

Prof. George Ulrich, EMA Programme Director since 2016

Prof. Zdzisław (Dzidek) Kędzia, EIUC President since 2016

Prof. Manfred Nowak, EIUC Secretary General since 2016