E.MAlumni Careers

E.MA is the foundation for a successful career in national, international, governmental, inter- and non-governmental organizations, as well as academic institutions, dealing with human rights and democratisation. Through our networking opportunities, internships, fellowships and a tailored career service, we support our students to secure relevant and prominent jobs.

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The majority of E.MA graduates work with human rights organisations both at their headquarters and in field missions. A number of graduates are also involved in human rights-related activities with their home Ministries of Foreign Affairs or are seconded by them to work for international institutions.

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Internships and Fellowships

EIUC has been facilitating the entry of its E.MA graduates in the Human Rights job market through two successful internship programmes: the E.MA Internship Programme and the EIUC EU-UN Fellowship Programme.

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Career Service

In cooperation with EIUC, the E.MAlumni Association runs the following career services: Career Development, Mentoring Scheme and E.MA Career Day.

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