About E.MA

The European Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation (E.MA) is the main teaching programme of the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC).

Established in 1997 thanks to the vision of 10 pioneer universities, E.MA is the oldest Master’s programme supported by the European Union. Over the years it has developed according to changing approaches to human rights and democratisation in Europe and in the world and to more integrated strategies in trans-European human rights education. Today E.MA counts on the participation of 41 prestigious universities and human rights centres from all member states of the European Union.

E.MA’s academic excellence in teaching, research and practical training is a testament to the spirit shared by professors, experts, students and staff: genuine dedication to the advancement of global values and human dignity through inter-university cooperation, interdisciplinarity and an action-oriented approach. In order to achieve these aims, the programme successfully combines two objectives: on the one hand, to provide a solid theoretical preparation and, on the other hand, to offer a good understanding of the operational requirements and challenges of practical work.

The growing number of E.MA graduates (more than 1300 so far) and their prominent careers reflect the far-reaching impact of E.MA: a source of inspiration and the creator of a community of competent specialists working in the field of human rights and democratisation at the local, regional, national, international level both in the governmental and non-governmental sectors as well as in academia.