Only applications submitted with the form provided below will be accepted.

The entire application, including the motivation and the CV, has to be submitted in English.

Please also include a non-certified English translation of the required proofs, if the original certificates were not issued in English, French, Spanish or Italian.

Applications will be processed in two rounds:

  • First Round Deadline: 22 January 2018
  • Second Round Deadline: 19 March 2018

The second round application deadline has been extended until 31 March.

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

The criteria used during the selection process are described in here: .

In addition to these criteria, applications received by the first deadline will have priority over the ones received by the second deadline.

For any problem concerning your submission, please contact the E.MA Secretariat

Please avoid uploading heavy files. The maximum capacity of this system is limited to a total of 15Mb as sum of the files to be uploaded!

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University Degree

Applicants are required to hold a university degree of a high standard in a field relevant to human rights, including disciplines in law, social sciences, and the humanities, and must have a minimum of 180 ECTs credits (Bachelor/General degree).

Please indicate the applicable qualification(s):


For each degree please specify the following data (list the most recent degree first):

Type of Degree (BA or MA)Field of StudyGranting InstitutionCity, CountryDuration of course (number of academic years)Date (beginning/ completion)ECTS*

*ECTS= European Credit Transfer System. If your degree/title is expressed with a different credit scale please do not include it in the table but provide conversion criteria in a letter to be uploaded with your degree certificate; this is especially valid for non-EU degrees.

Additional Human Rights Courses

Course TitleField of StudyGranting InstitutionCity, CountryDuration of courseDates (beginning/ completion)


Fluency in English is an admission requirement to the programme. Please upload your most recent English language certificate(s) obtained in the last 3 years (accepted certificates are the Cambridge First Certificate/Advanced/Proficiency, TOEFL or IELTS)

NB: If you have not obtained any certificate in the last three years, please give evidence of your fluency in English. Even in this case please note that, if selected, you will have to submit one of the accepted certificates mentioned above by 31 August 2016.
Please provide a statement describing any of your experience in which the use of English language was requested:  

Work and Practical Experience

Please list any verifiable human rights-related work experience, whether paid or voluntary (list the most recent experience first):

PositionInsitution/EmployerCity, CountryFromTill


List title, date and information for any human rights-related publications you have authored, including any relevant thesis.


Briefly outline your motivation and interest to participate in the E.MA programme.
Please also indicate the topic that you would like to develop in your E.MA Master’s thesis. MAXIMUM 500 Words.


Please upload 2 reference letters (at least one academic):

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