EIUC / Global Campus Staff

The EIUC human resources’ structure presents the specific features of an umbrella/coordinating institution which is not embedded in one specific university, but operates as general secretariat providing services to all its “decentralized” partners.

To do so EIUC’s staff:

  • Services the Global Campus, for which the Centre functions as hub and administrative coordinator.
  • Operates as an academic and research centre providing premises, academic structures, project management and financial services to the Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation (EMA / Global Campus Europe) as well as to the additional educational, training and research activities, which enrich its portfolio.

The EIUC staff is organised in 6 departments, with the EIUC Secretary General as the apical position (supported by a Personal Secretary), and with the Administrative Director acting as intermediate management position between the Secretary General and the Heads of Department. One department reports directly to the Secretary General (Academic / EMA Department), while the other six departments (Global Campus, Projects, Finances, Fundraising /PR/Communication, Premises and Technical Services, and General Services) report via the Administrative Manager.


EIUC Secretariat

The Secretariat of EIUC includes the following departments/ staff members:

Manfred Nowak - Global Campus

Secretary General

Manfred Nowak

The Secretary General is the director of the Centre and primarily responsible for the well-functioning of EIUC as an institution under Italian law, as well as of its activities in the framework of the Global Campus of Human Rights, and various other education, training and research programmes and projects. He is the apical position with regard to staff management.

Manfred Nowak was appointed Secretary General in January 2016. He is primarily responsible for the well-functioning and well-being of EIUC as an institution under Italian law and all its activities in the framework of the Global Campus of Human Rights, including seven Master programmes in different world regions and various other education, training and research programmes and projects.

He has been the Minister-Counsellor in the Permanent Mission of Poland to the United Nations in Geneva (1991-1994) among others: General Rapporteur of the II World Conference on Human Rights (1993), Rapporteur of the 54th session of the Commission on Human Rights, Chairman-Rapporteur of the Drafting Group of the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture. 1994-2005 – Senior Adviser to the High Commissioner for Human Rights, director of the Activities and Programmes Branch and of the Research and Right to Development Branch. He has also been a member of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights since 2009, where he was re-elected and his terms will continue from 1 January 2013 through to 31 December 2016.

Email: manfred.nowak@eiuc.org
Phone: +39 347 6263102


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Elena Battaglia - Global Campus

Administrative Director

Elisabetta Noli

The Administrative Director ensures daily coordination of the activities carried out by the operational staff at EIUC headquarters in Venice.

She is responsible for monitoring the implementation of the activities provided in the action documents, to authorise purchases/expenditures within specific threshold; she is the contact point in relation to specific management processes / or evaluations, and assisting the EIUC/GC Governing bodies on specific aspects related to development of the organisation (institutional issues, human resources, partnerships, etc.).

She holds a post-graduate Diploma in Human Rights Protection Techniques from the University of Padua, and has been serving eiuc since its inception in various functions, including project manager.

Email: elisabetta.noli@eiuc.org
Phone: +39 041 2720 935


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Anna Zenz - Global Campus

Personal Assistant to the EIUC Secretary General

Anna Zenz

The Personal Assistant supports the Secretary General by managing his agenda of appointments and events; organising missions and carrying out background research, producing documents, briefing papers.

She is organising together with the Administrative Director governing bodies meetings or other meetings, conferences or ad hoc events; maintaining the liaison - upon the SG's instructions - with relevant institutions/interlocutors.

Email: anna.zenz@eiuc.org
Phone: +39 041 2720 934


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Global Campus Department

The Global Campus department manages daily contacts with the Global Campus partner universities, and coordinates the implementation of the activities which for part of the Global Campus joint work plan, including - among others - the Global Classroom, the International Conference on Human Rights and Democratisation, the Global Campus Internship Programme, various e-learning activities, and the meetings of the Global Campus Council.

Valentina Abita - Global Campus

Global Campus Project Manager / Head of Department

Valentina Abita

She has been working as Project Manager of the Global Campus since November 2013. She holds a Master’s degree in International relations from the University of Bologna and a Post-graduate Diploma in European studies from the European College of Parma.

She gained 8-year professional experience in project management, policy analysis and networking with EU Institutions.
She worked as Project Manager for three years at a Brussels-based NGO developing EU projects especially in the field of civil society participation and social inclusion. She collaborated with European NGOs, EU Institutions and other stakeholders on EU projects and policy and advocacy initiatives.

Email: valentina.abita@eiuc.org
Phone: +39 041 2720 940


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Giacomo Ottonello - Global Campus

Global Campus Project Officer

Giacomo Ottonello

He has been working as Project Officer on the Global Campus project since November 2016. He holds a Master’s degree in Human Rights from the University of Padua and a Post-graduate M.A in Human Rights and Conflict Management from Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies.

He held the position of International Relations Officer in Confindustria/Federpesca, working mainly in the fields of project management, policy analysis and lobbying, and Project Officer at Sant'Anna School. Prior to these experiences, he has been working in the cooperation field in Kenya, Congo and Haiti.

Email: giacomo.ottonello@eiuc.org
Phone: +39 041 2720 951


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Angela Melchiorre - Global Campus

Academic Coordinator of Online Programmes

Angela Melchiorre

Angela Melchiorre is the Academic Coordinator of Online Programmes of the Global Campus of Human Rights. She has been working in human rights since 2000 and has a wealth of experience in distance and blended learning.

For the Global Campus she designs, coordinates and moderates all e-learning activities (MOOCs as well as online and blended courses) and coordinates the outreach strategy of online journals.

In her previous roles, she was Programme Director of the European Master's Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation (EMA) managed by EIUC and Lecturer in Human Rights at the University of London where she also earned her PhD with a doctoral thesis on child marriage and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.Other teaching activities include master's courses at the University of Padova and guest lectures at the Universities of Deusto-Bilbao, Oslo, Sevilla, Vienna, York.

Dr. Melchiorre has also experience in NGO work (ActionAid International), diplomacy (Permanent Mission of Italy to the UN in Geneva and New York; EU Delegation in Geneva) and independent consultancies (UNESCO, UNICEF, UN CEDAW Committee). For many years she worked closely with the first UN Special Rapporteur on the right to Education, the late Katarina Tomasevski.

Her areas of expertise are children's rights, the right to education, the UN human rights system and Human Rights in International Politics. She graduated from EMA in 2000.

Email: angela.melchiorre@eiuc.org
Phone: +39 041 2720 950


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Projects Department

The Projects department manages EIUC's educational and training projects implemented by the organisation and including: the Venice School of Human Rights, the Venice Academy of Human Rights, the Training Seminars series (on International Electoral Observation, on the ECHR jurisprudence), the Cinema, Human Rights and Advocacy Summer School, and other educational/ training events, conferences regularly organised by EIUC.

Alberta Rocca - Global Campus

Project Manager / Head of Department

Alberta Rocca

The Project Manager ensures the successful implementation of educational events carried out at EIUC headquarters in Venice such as trainings and summer schools.

She is responsible of the planning and realising of the activities throughout each stage of their development including submission of proposals, budgeting and financial management of projects, development of internal support mechanisms and knowledge sharing, coordination of the project's team, overlooking project related communication and logistics issues and drafting evaluation and reporting feedback.

Email: alberta.rocca@eiuc.org
Phone: +39 041 2720 930


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Elena Battaglia - Global Campus

Project Officer

Elena Battaglia

Elena joined the Projects Department team in September 2016. She supports international applicants through all phases of enrollment in training courses and summer schools as well as during their stay in Venice.

She also supports the participants and the Academic Coordinator of Online Programmes with regard to the organization and running of e-learning activities.

She studied Art History (MA) in Venice and Prague and previously worked at Venice International University (VIU) as Program Assistant - Students' Services. During her year of National Civil Service she worked at Cà Foscari University - International Relations Office.

Email: elena.battaglia@eiuc.org
Phone: +39 041 2720 930


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Serena Caterino - Global Campus

Project Officer

Serena Caterino

Serena serves as Project Officer for EIUC since 2013. She assists the Project Manager in the organization of events such as Conferences, Trainings and Summer Schools on Human Rights.

She takes care of candidates during the different phases of selection, enrolment and participation while giving a practical support in the logistical, financial and promotional aspects of the event.

Serena holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from the University of Padua, a Bachelor's Degree in Modern and Occidental Languages and Literatures and a Master's Degree in Tourist Economics from Ca' Foscari University.

Email: serena.caterino@eiuc.org
Phone: +39 041 2720 924


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Finance Department

The Finance department supervises the EIUC / Global Campus finances, liaises with Global Campus partners with regard to the budget execution of the action grant and monitoring of expenditure progress, supervises accounting practices by GC partners and EIUC staff, takes care of budgeting and financial reporting, prepares for audits (first and second level), manages daily book-keeping, payments, and other administrative tasks of relevance.

Luigi Comacchio - Global Campus

Finance Manager / Head of Department

Luigi Comacchio

Luigi serves as the Finance Manager for the Global Campus and EIUC. He is primarily responsible for the management of EIUC’s financial resources. He also supervises joint budgeting, forecasting and reporting for the Global Campus.

Prior to joining EIUC in 2015, Luigi worked as Grants and Finance Manager for the PENTA Foundation, a not for profit international research organization specialized in HIV and other paediatric infectious diseases. Luigi holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Philosophy and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Management from the University of Padua.

Email: luigi.comacchio@eiuc.org
Phone: +39 041 2720 938


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Dania Ferrarese - Global Campus

Finance Officer

Dania Ferrarese

Dania started working in the Centre in 2010 as accountant. She deals with customers and suppliers for what concerne the fiscal aspect and with the external tax consultant under the supervision of the financial manager.

Before joining EIUC, she worked for other private companies dealing with accounting and management of human resources.

Email: dania.ferrarese@eiuc.org
Phone: +39 041 2720 938


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Prof. Dalia Leinarte - Global Campus

Finance Officer

Isabella Vianello

Isabella joined EIUC in 2004 as accountant. She is the contact person for the 40 Universities partners, takes care of Fellowship and Internship, checking and recording invoices and processing relative payments.

She worked both in Italy and in England, first as shop assistant, tour operator assistant and then as accountant.

Email: isabella.vianello@eiuc.org
Phone: +39 041 2720 938


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Fundraising, PR and Communication Department

The Fundraising, PR and Communication Department supports the coordinated communication efforts of EIUC and Global Campus activities, acts as the institution's press office and provides social media services, takes care of the PR and visibility actions for EIUC and for the Global Campus joint activities, manages fundraising activities through the development of project proposals that reflect the EIUC/Global Campus policies and programmatic focus, coordinates in-house graphics and merchandising.

Elisa Aquino - Global Campus

Fundraising, PR and Communication Manager / Head of Department

Elisa Aquino

Elisa started working in the Centre in 2016 as a Fundraising, PR and Communication Manager creating a whole new department in the institution. She is responsible of implementing the coordinated communication efforts of EIUC / Global Campus PR activities; of increasing the visibility of all the actions; and of contacting potential donors, partners, influencers and supporters.

She is a lawyer and she holds an LLM in International Law from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). She also graduated from summer courses on Cinema from London St. Martin's School of Arts and London Film Academy.

She was a volunteer in event coordination management and implemented fundraising and PR campaigns to the Venice Biennial Foundation and other cultural institutions as Belgian Museums like Magritte and Autoworld ones in Brussels.She also worked for the corporate sector as Business Development Manager in charge of growing portfolio of clients.She began her career as a young diplomat and she worked in positions in NY, London and Brussels where she acquired experience working with PR and events on international relations issues, some of them related to the global agenda on human rights and democratisation.

Email: fundrasing@eiuc.org / pressoffice@eiuc.org / elisa.aquino@eiuc.org
Phone: +39 041 2720 926


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Giulia Ballarin - Global Campus

Communication and Fundraising Assistant

Giulia Ballarin

Giulia Ballarin started working at EIUC in October 2016 and is Communication and Fundraising Assistant. She assists the department in various activities such as planning and postings on institutional’s social media, graphic designs and photographs, editing and fundraising projects.

She obtained a BA in Modern and Contemporary Languages and Civilisations followed by a MA in English and American Studies, both at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, with two study experiences abroad at the University of Leeds and the University of Graz. In 2016 she completed a Master in Publishing: Design and Management at the University of Verona.

She has experience in editorial work for an online magazine and as food blogger. Moreover, she worked as museum attendant developing good relations with the public and strengthened her interest in art.

Email: fundrasing@eiuc.org / giulia.ballarin@eiuc.org
Phone: +39 041 2720 928


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Isotta Esposito - Global Campus

Communication and PR Officer

Isotta Esposito

Isotta started working in the Centre in 2015 as a Communication and PR Officer. She takes care of EIUC / Global Campus of Human Rights external communications, press work and public relations. She manages the Institutional Social Media and Digital PR, in coordination with the team.

She is a journalist, subscribed in the Order of the Journalists of the Veneto Region. She was research fellow at Fondazione Università Ca’ Foscari as Digital Strategist and at Università Ca’ Foscari as Communication and Media Strategist, with a research case-study in Sweden on Welfare; dealing with the Management Department, she was involved on an Action research on Culturally enhanced Business. .

She holds a Master’s Degree in Publishing and Journalism (Università degli Studi di Verona) and a BA Degree in Modern Languages Arts and Entertainment (Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia), with a Summer School in Russia at the International Pushkin Institute of Moscow.

While studying, she founded a Cultural Association based in Venice and she started her collaboration as performer and director with a theatre company and with an events organisation agency, acquiring experience working with PR and Arts. She joins many online courses, the last certificate of 2018 is “The Happy Course” from the Happiness Research Institute of Copenhagen.

Email: pressoffice@eiuc.org / isotta.esposito@eiuc.org
Phone: +39 041 2720 929


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General Services Department

The General Services Department takes care of arranging the logistics services for the EIUC /Global Campus activities/events, having specific regards to accommodation services (hotels, B&B, students' residences, etc.), catering and restoration services (catering firms, restaurants), travel and local transportation services (coordination with travel agencies, bookings of local transportation, etc.). The department is also responsible for purchases regarding other goods or services related to the overall functioning of EIUC, including stationary and specific office supplies, and other goods needed for the organisation of meetings and events held EIUC venue.

Alessandra Silanos - Global Campus

General Services Manager / Head of Department

Alessandra Silanos

Alessandra Silanos is the EIUC General Service manager. She started working at the Centre in September 2003 as Logistics Officer and she is responsible for the organization of accommodation, catering and local transportation services for the participants in the EIUC/EMA events and activities.

Recently the former Logistics Office has been changed into General Services Department, following the assignment of new responsibilities, with the view to streamline the procedures on the purchases of specific goods and services. As a consequence, her responsibilities and tasks has changed and increased consistently with the development of the Centre.

She holds a degree in Literatures and Arts from the University of Ca'Foscari in Venice. Before joining EIUC she worked as external consultant for the Office for the Protection of Architectural, Natural, Historic, Artistic and Ethno-Anthropological Heritages in Venice and Its Lagoon (Soprintendenza ai Beni Architettonici e Paesaggistici di Venezia e Laguna), and was an active member of the Cooperative Society a.r.l. "Città & Ambiente", providing services oriented towards cultural heritage, environment and sustainable tourism.

Email: logistics@eiuc.org / alessandra.silanos@eiuc.org
+39 041 2720 916


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Enrica Lot - Global Campus

General Services Officer

Enrica Lot

Enrica Lot is the EIUC General Services Officer. She started working at the Centre in September 2012 as EMA Intern. After 6 months and different working experiences, she got back to EIUC and joined the former Logistics Department, which later became General Services Department.

Now she deals with suppliers for what accommodation, restaurants, catering and local transportation regards. Recently her duties extended, including the purchase of stationery and other relevant office supplies.

Enrica studied tourism, languages and art history, and later graduated in Economics of Art. Her interests and working skills led her to more practical issues, and now she is a permanent member of EIUC staff.

Email: logistics@eiuc.org / enrica.lot@eiuc.org
Phone: +39 041 2720 916


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Premises and Technical Services Department

The Premises and Technical Services Department is the department which encompasses management of different services which are related to the overall running of the EIUC premises, the Monastery of San Nicolò, starting from general management of the building and coordination of safety compliance management, IT services, compliance with privacy provisions, supervision of ordinary maintenance and relationship with relevant suppliers, supporting the Secretary General in the liaison with the City of Venice which provides the premises to EIUC, upkeep of EIUC's inventory, running of reception services/protocol/front office. An important component of the Department relates to the ITC services and in particular to web development and web advertising of all EIUC and Global Campus joint activities.

Luigi Calcolatore - Global Campus

Premises and Technical Services Manager / Head of Department

Luca Fantinel

Luca started working in the Centre in 2004 as Finance Manager creating the new Finance department, developing the technology area and the EIUC organisation.

Since 2013 he is managing the Premises and the technical services ensuring the daily activity of the centre, and the general management of the Monastery. He is supervising the IT and web advertising.

He earns a Degree in economics at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan and a Master in Business and Administration at the Kansas University. He gathered experience in managing companies and developing start up.

Email: luca.fantinel@eiuc.org
Phone: +39 041 2720 932


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Nicola Tonon - Global Campus


Paola Gesmundo

Paola is the EIUC Receptionist. She studied Tourism Operator Management in Venice, and after living and working in Spain, she became part of the staff in February 2014.

She is in charge of organizing, welcoming and assisting other staff members, professors, students, guests and invitees of all the events and activities taking place at the Centre during the year.

She gives her support in the preparation of the folders and technical equipment, rooms setting, catering and cleaning services. She is also responsible in the protocoling incoming/outgoing mail and faxes, updating databases and archiving all EIUC/EMA publications and documentations.

Email: info@eiuc.org / reception@eiuc.org / paola.gesmundo@eiuc.org
Phone: +39 041 2720 911


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Nicola Tonon - Global Campus


Cristina Moras

Cristina is the EIUC Receptionist. She studied romanesque modern languages and literatures in Padua university. She became part of the staff in October 2016.

She lived in Portugal and worked as language assistant in Romania.

She is in charge of welcoming and assisting other staff members, professors, students, guests and invitees of all the events and activities taking place at the Centre during the year. She gives her support in the preparation of the folders and technical equipment, rooms setting, catering and cleaning services.

She is also responsible in the protocoling incoming/outgoing mail and faxes, updating databases and archiving all EIUC/EMA publications and documentations

Email: info@eiuc.org / cristina.moras@eiuc.org
Phone: +39 041 2720 911


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Nicola Tonon - Global Campus

Web Marketing and IT Officer

Nicola Tonon

As Information Technology Officer, Nicola Tonon is leading EIUC’s central IT system since 2011. As ITO, he is in charge of making sure that all IT strategic initiatives are in line with the EIUC’s mission, culture, and long-term goals.

The ITO is responsible for IT-related issues ranging from policy and resource allocation to protocol and organisation.

Nicola has a deep understanding of the importance technology plays in research and related activities and is committed to finding new ways to support staff and students and endeavours through the use of technology. He works closely with students and staff to deliver programmes and services that enhance teaching, research, and student activities.

As Web Marketing Officer, he is in charge of planning digital marketing campaigns including web, SEO/SEM, direct emails, social media and display advertising. On a daily basis he measures and report performance of all digital marketing campaigns and assess against goals. Nicola has is naturally led to identify trends and insights, and optimise spend and performance based on the insights. In his work he utilises strong analytical ability to evaluate end-to-end customer experience across multiple channels and customer touch points, design, create, and edit landing pages that optimise the user experience and user funnels.

He studied mechanical engineering (MA) in Trieste and previously worked at Network Solutions as ITO and he's still actively developing many open sources app.

Email: nicola.tonon@eiuc.org
Phone: +39 041 2720 923


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